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Kupana o Guarana

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Guarana de Amazonas(Paullinia Kupana, P. sorbilis). Known in Brazil as Guarana and in Venezuela as Kupana, is shown as a South American origin, cultivated since ancient times by our aborigines of these two countries in the Amazon region. Their seeds yield a product called guaranin stimulant containing between 4 and 5% of a substance matched to caffeine.

It is grown extensively in Brazil, where it is a real industry, with even a major export product, calculating production by more than 500 tons. metric increase opportunities because companies are increasing their crop. Industrialized forms of production are: creams and beauty products, dry or pasty roasted seeds or sun-dried powder in aluminum containers or glass of different sizes, concentrated syrups, soft drinks (Coca-Cola style). These gaseous called guarana, refreshing drinks are a real consumer.

According to the Brazilian magazine "Commerce and Industry" we note that guarana in its various forms (but mostly powder), is exported in America to Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. It is also exported to other countries: Saudi Arabia, Angola, Benin, Australia, Canada, Ivory Coast, Kwait, Gabon, Ghana, Lebanon, Iraq, Liberia, Mauritania, Togo and the United States.

In Venezuela, only consumption by some Indians, whose cultivation and use mystical-religious connotations, because they see it as a magical substance. It has stimulant and medicinal powers and perhaps could help to develop naturally some power to-normal.

In our land there are areas with Amazon and other favorable conditions for this crop, highly recommended by others.

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