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Seje Grande

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seje(Jessenia Batawa). The small Seje (Aenacarpus bacaba) .. Also note the Seje demos limpet (Kart)s, smaller grain than the previous two, but appreciated. In the jungles of Amazonas there are several palm species under the name of seje, but have been studied especially those identified as large and seje seje small, sorted by Martius, which are widely used to manufacture soda seje yucuta or, in popular use , food, preferred by the Indian.

The main commercial product of the fruits that each tree produces large clusters is CEJE or seje OIL, which from time immemorial indigenous know extract, although very rudimentary methods. Are known proven medicinal properties, for lung conditions, specifically the bronchi, but also its quality is excellent culinary tasks.

It has been very favorable compared to olive oil in terms of its superior quality. Taking into account the data provided by Paul Berry: "Preliminary Study on the palm of seje", we highlight here only the most important comparative claims between olive oils and seje as MAC lab tests:

Seje palms are scattered in patches among other types of forest vegetation. Among the largest sejales located in the Amazon are the Manapiare Valley, where the spectacular Yutajé region, with its two tall twin falls, real natural monument. There are also areas of rivers Ventuari Sipapo Cunucunuma, Orinoco (medium and high), Arm Cassiquiare. As for sejales Rio Gavilan and Catanaiapo (reserve areas), are being destroyed to create agricultural regions, perhaps with limited life, being 3rd land. And 4th category, as almost all in the state of Amazonas.

Statistics are lacking seje production, since this operation only by the indigenous peoples for use and sale without control. In reference to the few sejales investigated, we calculated an average of 500 adult palms and productive per hectare each tree gives. or boot 4 or 5 clusters, some up to 6 per harvest, each bunch of coconuts of seje weighs an average of 45 kg., out of 15 k. seed yields two and a half liters of oil, with manual press. Churuatas still used in some small, strong sebucancitos to squeeze the oily mass.

In personal conversations with Dr. Martin Vegas wise friend, speaking of the possibility seje oil refining, he explained the possibility of a negative effect, because surely destroy some of the substances that fortify medicinal effect bronchi. Also in the case of industrialization, should be an obligation of care and replanting work to counteract the destruction of palm trees.

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