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San Carlos - Pasimoni - San Carlos, San Carlos de Rio Negro, Amazonas, 7101, Venezuela
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Sportfishing Pasimoni in Amazonas

Day 01: Air transportation in private charter plane - Puerto Ayacucho to San Carlos de Rio Negro (Black River) in Cessna 206 - 2 hours. Check in + documentation and permits are done by competent authorities at the airport of Puerto Ayacucho. Once in San Carlos we will move us and by river in aluminum boats by the Casiquiare through the checkpoints of the National Guard Solano and reach the river Pasimoni to the temporary camp.

Day 2-3-4-5, and 6: Fishing from 6 am to 6 pm, arriving in the late afternoon to camp with lunch type lunches at fishing sites and chiriricao from time to time, our boats will have coolers with ice, beers, sodas, water, and gatorade every day.

Day 07: Return in the morning to San Carlos de Rio Negro. End of services.

BOATS: They are aluminum cans of 14 and 16 feet with engines from 30 to 50 fishermen HPDos by boat with a guide biker area.

CAMP: We are mobile which is to have everything in a pot or bongo and look as close to the fishing on a beach to arm the room to sleep, this is done in hammocks with mosquito netting and a plastic roof, also in tents with inflatable mattresses for which so prefer, the bathroom are given a shovel to open a gap and the rest you know. Note: the output is required from Puerto Ayacucho and we have to meet the controls required by the 52nd Brigade of the army, would have to send enough time to copy anticipation of the documentation for each passenger for fishing permit to INAPESCA, data aircraft and pilot to the flight plan.

FOOD: Usually mostly it goes from Puerto Ayacucho prepared vacuum packed and frozen; vegetables and fresh food would come with or before the group.

All logistics is handled with responsibility that characterizes us, being guarantors of conservationism and especially with the utmost care for the environment, the type of fishing is EXCLUSIVELY SPORTS AND LIBERATION, at no time and under no circumstance fishermen are left with species, after further weighing are released into the river again, just as is strictly forbidden to transfer, extraction and enjoyment of species, fauna and flora.

GROUPS: minimum of 6 fishermen maximum of 8 fishermen.


Tour activities & itinerary

Fishing In Pasimoni Amazon -  PAVON 7 days - 6 nights.
From San Carlos de Rio Negro With landing strip assistance.
Transfer by boat: San Carlos - Pasimoni - San Carlos.
Overnight in beds with fans: Arapacoa.
Overnight with Hammocks: Playa de Osorio.

DAY 1: Attendance at the landing strip in San Carlos de Rio Negro where our guides will be waiting for you upon arrival - then transfer to the port and before boarding our boat we checking permits and after sealing permits started black navigate the river upstream and then take the Casiquiare river to reach the next checkpoint GN Since Solano and then the check continuamo navigating the Casiquiare river through the rapids of Ñacame and then go through the stone Curimacare up to the Rio Pasimoni and ARAPACOA Camp. Overnight stay with bed and mosquito nets and Ventialador + dinner.

First Day Of Fishing Camp Arapacoa:
DAY 2: Early breakfast and a lunch see the take with snacks and refreshments Mineral water and go fishing in the lagoon of the river with a boat Pasimoni Aluminum 16 foot with 40 hp engine. and the local guide and then in the afternoon return to Camp Arapacoa with dinner.

Second Day of Fishing Camp Arapacoa:
DAY 3: Early breakfast and lunch with refreshments are carried in the boat and go fishing in other lagoon and afternoon are back to Camp Arapacoa dinner.

Third Day Fishing Camp Arapacoa:
DAY 4: Early breakfast and lunch with refreshments are carried in the boat and go fishing in other lagoon and afternoon are back to Camp Arapacoa dinner.

Fourth day of Fishing Camping Beach Osorio:
DAY 5: Early breakfast and lunch takes and go fishing to other lagoon before returning in the afternoon where we stay overnight in a camp Playa de Osorio with hammocks and mosquito nets, and when you are back already mounted Camp with Logistics.

Fifth Day Fishing Camp Arapacoa:
DAY 6: Early breakfast and go fishing all day and then are back to Camp Arapacoa where stay overnight last night.

Transfer Pasimoni Sixth Day - San Carlos de Rio Negro.
DAY 7: Early breakfast + transfer to San Carlos de Rio Negro - 3 hours.

Assistance in San Carlos de Rio Negro
Shuttle boat Pasimoni Black Water - Rio Negro - San Carlos.
All meals with refreshing drinks and mineral water.
Aluminum boat with 40 hp engine.
Arapacoa camp has electric plant.
Does not include alcoholic beverages.

Driving directions

San Carlos - Pasimoni - San Carlos.


Airport Asistence in San Carlos de Rio Negro.


We recommend: Light clothes, hiking shoes, hat, raincoats, ponchos, plastic bags for storing wet clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera.

Policies & disclaimers

1) Responsibilities: Amazonas.Travel is responsible for contracts and agreements with its customers in providing all our services. Just as it is not responsible for the wars, strikes, delays, fires, accidents and their consequences, epidemics, destruction of the mechanisms of government acts, theft, looting or any other cause beyond the company and accidents involving subcontracting services or delays in flights and transfers of commercial airlines. The company is not responsible for the consequences arising from the use or possession of drugs or narcotic substances in our programs and services. 2) Documentation: The tourist should bring their identification documents and visa consular problems if the default of the passport or lack of consular visa, the company is not liable for the costs incurred by the delay or total loss of services.3 ) Refund: cancellation of contracted services by tourists, will be as follows: eighty percent (80%) 30 days before the date of commencement of services. The seventy-five percent (75%) 15 days before the date of commencement of services. Fifty percent (50%) until a week before the start of services. Twenty-five percent (25%) until 72 hours before the start of the service. 4) No refunds if you have inadequate travel documents, leaving the tour at any time or use their services voluntarily for the traveler. In case of rain or bad weather or other compelling reasons that might endanger the safety of tourists in danger, the company reserves the right to modify, without the tourist is entitled to claim or recover.5) Claims: All claims must be submitted in writing to our office, within forty-eight (48) days following the conclusion of service.6 hours) All conditions of employment services are considered accepted by: 1 - acceptance of vouchers ranging services customers via email, fax or any other mecanismo.2) the acceptance of vouchers for services that extend to customers via email, fax or any other mecanismo3 - the use of any part of the contracted services .

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