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la islaLegend has it that long ago, but many years on a small island in the river black, lived a woman with her two children, one female and one male. Over the years, she became a beautiful and healthy woman, while his brother became a more ugly and sickly person, this complex young man full of pain, went to a witch to give him a spell the shaman sends him to bathe in the river with a perfume called puzana, to embellish it, there was so much beauty to return home, her sister fascinated by the magical charm that surrounded the young man fell in love with him, carried away by his feelings, is at that moment when the mother finds them, both brothers look to the eyes instantly turned to stone, this stone is surrounded by great charms that still have a magical natural beauty, there live a varied and exotic flora and fauna.

Curimakare was a great chieftain baré that, according to tradition or legend when the dolphin world, rivers began to overflow and rose disproportionately, wiping out everything that was in his path, was destroyed by the strong currents of the river black, achieving causally lay her feet on top of the hill and I had several inches covered by water. As soon as the chief achievement settle heavily in the monumental rock, the waters returned as a mandate to normal, curimakare underfoot appreciated a beautiful young paco curry race, whom the chief achievement revive your food, then I take marriage and these forms were unified race and curry paco baré populate that area today.

Curimakare hill is located on the left bank of Casiquiare.

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