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Atures and Maipures


The Maipures Atures and, according to legend were materialised by a desperate father who wanted to get his children out of a curse.

On the banks of Atabapo lived a man whose navel was prominent on end and which tore bits to fish; was, moreover, bound to observe strict confidentiality regarding the use of that part of your body, since it otherwise would be the victim of a terrible curse.

Such was his ability to fish, which surprised everyone how many came to him and that just pronounce the name of the fish you want to catch the moment of delivering the hook, got it. One day excited about the goodness of their two children, told them the secret, adding that each piece of navel tore it lasted a month because the fish did not come to eat them. One morning when her children were bathing in the river, became dolphins, before their eyes. It was the punishment for giving away the secret.

Since that day in the morning, at noon and at dusk, the man came to the river bank and sang a song by which struck up a dialogue with their children. But at run time the song was losing its effect and the man realized that their children are away at the mouth of the Orinoco. Only in two places, a consequence of the large number of slabs, timber, logs, etc.. he had thrown into the river, was about to get the two-men dolphins vararan.

They had built the Atures and Maipures.

From there he lost all hope as the currents took their children into the sea.








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