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The Hotis Indigenas, Los Hotis are an indigenous group inhabiting the mountainous area of Maigualida, are a minority and many of them are nomadic. To visit these Indians first traveling to the town of San Juan De Manapiare in a Cessna type plane and later take a boat and into the river Parucito, Pernot in the community of San Rafael corobita or inhabited by indigenous panares Yabarana and then from there the next day take the boat to go to the indigenous community of these often change depending on the food.

This expedition is not scheduled for days because often the path is very difficult and these Indians are not at fixed sites. This tour lasts five days. Subsequent to having visited these Indians will visit the waterfall Platanal yavi located behind the hill, there can take a relaxing bath and enjoy the splendid view it offers this waterfall.

After visiting all this wonder would take the boat again to go back to San Juan de Manapiare. The visit to the Hotis offers spectacular natural light and a little luck you can observe spaniels, or capybara capybaras and monkeys Jabiru, recommended ages for this trip are November to June, because the other times are rainy and you can enjoy nature.


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