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La Gran Sabana - Amazonas, Sarisariñama, Amazonas, 0, Venezuela
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Expedition Sarisariñama: We will arrive to the waterfalls of Pauo, below Sarisariñama after 4 to 5 days by Canoe -

Venezuela Sari Sari ........... This is the sound produced by the evil spirit that lives on top of the mountain when eating humans, as it is believed by Indians abroad. In southern Venezuela, on the edges of the Gran Sabana and the Amazonas provinces, the Tepuy (Mountain) of Sarisariñama is one of the most remote mountains in the Amazonas. Only one road more than 500 of miles away, and only isolated indigenous communities living there.

The objective of the expedition is to climb the north face Sarisariñama by to take a close look at the “Simas“ these mysterious, perfectly circular holes of 350 meters in diameter and 350 meters deep (1,000 feet in diameter of 1000 meters depth) are still a mystery difficult both to geologists and biologists. You will experience one of the last virgin forests of the planet, with spectacular sightseings, hot weather, rain and humidity, the night in hammocks in the indigenous communities or in makeshift camps in the jungle and intense physical activities.

An experience of a lifetime... Importantly, to achieve walking Simas has NEVER been done so far .... this is a real issue. EXLORERS! Join us. The deep holes in the jungle, we plan to visit - Gran Sabana - Venezuela The Itinerary The expected time for the entire expedition is 2 weeks. There is no definite timetable as everything depends on the conditions found, and the adventure can last a few more days .... The itinerary below is only given as an outline of the expedition.

Day 1: Arrive in Caracas and the flight to Ciudad Bolivar, capital of the East in the mighty river Orinoco. Accommodation at hotel.

Day 2: After checking the equipment on board that aircraft, 2 or 3 Cessna 206, depending on the number of participants (at least 2 because one is for art), and begin the amazing flight over the jungle for the people Indian Kanaracuni. Organize a final meeting with the team and the Indian guides, and spend the night in this town outside. The deep holes in the jungle, we plan to visit - Gran Sabana - Venezuela

Days 3 - 4: We board a small boat (a canoe with outboard motor) and Kanaracuni navigate the river for 2 days. Along the way, we encountered several indigenous settlements Sanema belonging to the Yanomami, and have almost no contact with Western civilization. We exchange gifts that brought us to that time for something and share with them.

Days 5 - 6: Sailing for the Caura River and then into the river that flows from Pauo Sarisariñama Tepuy. Let upriver, thinking of the rapid Finally, sometimes portaging our team through the rapids, up to powerful Pauo Falls (see photo at the top of the page) just below the magic mountain. From this moment begins the real issue and start ascending the tepuy. According to aerial imagery, it seems that there is any easy slope to climb on top of tepuy - but not so sure about that. Location Sarisariñama tepuy - Canaima National Park - Venezuela

Days 7 - 15: Once up, we are only 6 km from Simas (the scientific name of these mysterious holes). This should be done easily, but considering that we are in a dense jungle with no roads to guide us if we missed by just 50 meters, you can go through ... We rely on our Indian guides, jungle expert guidance. Without them, we can walk there for weeks without seeing the sky. There are 4 of these chasms known and explored. The largest is 300 feet deep and smaller as 100 meters. If we get there, we can try to rappel into the small. We intend to spend a week exploring the area, which means the escalation of tepuy and get to the potholes. The return trip is in the same way, below tepuy downstream Paou Caura River, and even the Indian mission aircraft simaran where we collect to Ciudad Bolivar.

Day 16: Flying back to Caracas.


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