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The Chiqui Chiqui or Piasa

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Tejer amazonasFiber is the most important in this part of the world, for now. With different uses, the country has a limited market, but not outside, as is sent to various countries in Europe and North America. It's endless the amount of productive palm trees throughout the Amazon. They are manufactured brushes, brooms, ropes thin and very thick, with the feature that will not rot in the water, so they are preferred for use in boats and on the docks of the river ports.

It is a very abundant palm in Amazonas, Colombia and Brazil, placing both of the equator between The Parallel 4N and 4S. The plant produces a fiber beard about a meter long or so, dark brown or blackish, flexible and resistant, used in the manufacture of brushes, brooms, crafts, ropes and ropes mainly used for boats in rivers . The author admired see on fluctuating or floating docks in Manaus, Amazon River, giant rolls of Piasa rope, with a height of six feet, and a thickness of 8-10 cm. each string. This fiber has a duration in the water until many years as well as being very flexible and lightweight, while the ropes float in water.

This palm is preferentially located near rivers and streams of black water in some tributaries of the Orinoco river Atabapo Guanía - Black River, the tributaries Cassiquiare and Caripo, Pamoni, Siapa Vasiva Pacimoni and tributaries of them. While in the Amazon of Venezuela exists in great quantity, is in Colombia and Brazil where it is extracted and sold. It is the indigenous labor Product catcher with starvation wages.

We must remember that the fiber boot as a huge beard, is very dangerous operation, because it nesting insects, scorpions, centipedes, snakes, all poisonous. Besides palms are sometimes located in the tangled jungle and very isolated sites. In order to cut his beard each palm fiber, it shall be put to a real beating to kill or scare away dangerous animals that inhabit it. After the fiber is tied in a special way in the form of cones, with jungle vines (lianas mamure), then take to deposits.

Other products listed are being exploited in limited quantities, but the increase of these farms would be very useful not only for our Amazon but for humanity itself would benefit from it. The coroba seje and edible oils give very fine quality and medicinal properties. The wood gives moriche, harsh fibers to strings (such as cumare), flour and feed off of oil. The copaiba gives "tung oil" or "balsam copaiba" quite therapeutic use. The Yubia or Brazil nuts, is used in Brazil to extract various products, being there in the Northern States, a major industry, but instead in the Upper Orinoco, barely aware of its existence the natives who live there.

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