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Para Nut or Yubia

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para(Bertholletia exclsa H.B.K.). Giant tree trunk straight vertical, sometimes reaches 30 meters. Its fruits or berries brown, spherical, seem a coconut without the outer shell of about 15 cms. in diameter, is very hard, containing about 15 seeds or edible sweet almonds and oil content.

In the north-western Brazil from Manaus to Belem, on both banks of the Amazon River, the collection of these fruits in the jungle, provides work for many families. Once threshed is transferred and deposited in department stores, to distribute to schools and factories where it will be industrialized.

Very popular in candy stores and sweet shops in making almond milk, creams, edible oils and other cosmetic products. The shells or almonds waste no longer usable for human use, is used for animal feed, mainly for pigs and cattle in the form of compressed cakes enriched with salt. The food of sweet almonds and rich flavor, eaten raw such as dates, as they are rich in vegetable protein.

Brazil exports triangular seed in large quantities to Europe and especially the U.S., in Venezuela also does little. In our country, we arrive at Christmas in bags as merchandise mixed with strange dates. Although as Pará nut is located in Brazil, Bompland Humbodt and made known to the world its existence in Venezuela, describing in detail along with the plant and drawing it. As wonderful historical note, still preserved in San Carlos de Rio Black Yubia an ancient tree where these scholars studied and stayed overnight.

In our Amazon is very abundant in Upper Orinoco and its tributaries, Padamo, Ocamo, Mavaca, Manaviche, Potomao, Gobber pipe to the Parime Brazilian border. Also in Cassiquiare arm in the headwaters of its tributaries Siapa, Brown, and Baria YATU but sparingly. Brazil nuts is as it is called in the Brazilian Amazon.

Much of this harvest is lost in the Upper Orinoco, because only a part is collected by the bushman and intended for their own consumption.

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