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lago leopoldo 015Both the Orinoco as all the other rivers of the Amazonas state, have their streams more or less interrupted by watefalls, rapids or jets, which can be more or less important, also taking into account there height, beauty, volume, strength and ruggedness course when navigating here.

Orinoco river near its beginning, and not navigable, upstream, the waterfalls of Guaharibos, Peñascal, Waica, Salas, Codazzi, Michelena y Rojas, Cajigal, Aristides Rojas, Shama, Bobadilla, (big hat), Dickey, Libertador and the thunderous waterfalls with the middle part like the Dead rapids, Santa Barbara, and Maipures Atures that can interrupt navigation.
Waterfalls grouped under the name of Atures (Mapara) are scattered in an area of ​​about 8 km., From the first called Vulture, climbing up Tapurero, with a difference in altitude of about 10 meters. Continuing the comeback of the river is a relatively quiet after about 30 km. Further South is the other group of streams that are in the area Maipures (Kituna), where there are 14 jets differentiated by their names, being the most important Famine and imposing. They are divided into about 6 kms. a channel and have been measured a level difference of about 12 meters. Atures (Mapara) and Maipures (Kituna) to interrupt the passage, are the natural boundary between Lower and Upper Orinoco Orinoco (Orinoco medium).

Studies and projects to facilitate the passage of these torrents. A railroad from Puerto Ayacucho to Deer Harbor is a valid alternative, the other rock blasting giant contemplates that impede water flow, which should be very carefully considered and calculated at a great length, because it can lead to other problems of a hydrological, to destroy retention capacity of these rocks, since they exercise control over river runoff.

The river has 3 big jumps Ventuari competing in power and majestic beauty: Monkey, Bear and Tencua, the most important, as far as the river is easily navigable. Paru River has many from birth, but the latter bearing the same name of the river, is the most beautiful, a true natural monument, plus here is navigable Parú. The most important river in its lower part Cunucunuma would Casurúa, agouti and Culebra. The low Ocamo to navigate to the rapids of Ara-ta (Scarlet). In the Padamo: Easel, Continamo, Spanish, Macutza, Cua. River rapids Parucito with Chirinos and Solomon. In the Sipapo and tributaries in the lower we scored Cauldron, Danto, bat, Blindness, Laziness. In the most important Cassiquiare Cabarúa also Mabajate, Kiragüeni and Chapazón.

In Chamuchina Atabapo are Guarinuma and, in the Guanía: Deer, Paso del Diablo, CoroCoro, Pee Wee. Also Yutaje twin monumental waterfalls in the river and hill Yutajé, Manapiare valleys. Although the leap Picuri in a hidden corner of Mount Marahuaca, is the highest of the Amazon.

These jumps and waterfalls are just some of those who have the Amazonas, not exploited in any way so far. Constitute a large hydroelectric potential. What is lost, worth thousands of kw. per km2., able to generate electricity to power the country.
Amazonas hydropower potential is estimated at 30% of the total, almost all located south of the Orinoco. One of the Big 3 has the Ventuari jumps, the largest volume is the Tencua jump. We have studied the generation capacity of its free fall with about 20 meters, calculating a capacity of 14,500 kw. This jump has other large waterfalls.

One of the projects launched by CODESUR was the possibility of using the hydroelectric potential of small and medium jumps, installing small hydros.

The same CODESUR study on "Potential Hydric of TFA" considers these rivers "are a potential resource and from various points of view represent: reserve of water for various uses, a wildlife reserve water, hydropower potential, means of communication, and in the end means of a border demarcation. "

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