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Situation and limits

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situacion limite amazonasThe state of Amazonas is the federal entity southernmost of the country, only 0 º 40 'of Ecuador. The long sides would be in the meridians 20 º 63 'W and the two sides would be lower latitudes 0 ° 40'N and 60 ° 15'N.

It is enclosed between Colombia, Brazil and Bolivar State. The capital is Puerto Ayacucho, on the banks of the Orinoco, downstream of Atures, on the right bank.

Overall we note its limits: in the North is the Dtto. Cedeño Bolivar State, Colombia to the west from the mouth of the Meta to the Atabapo, both in the Orinoco and then up the river to the mouth of Atabapo Guasacavi in ​​Milestones I and II, following a straight line to the Milestones III and IV in the river Guanía, and stream of Deer Island, near the town of Victorino. Then follows the valley of the Black River Guainia or down to the island of San José, where frontier framework in its 3 sides said Venezuela-Colombia-Brazil.

The southern border with the Federal Republic of Brazil is governed by the "Treaty of Limits and River Navigation" signed in 1860, which establishes a framework straight line from the border of El Carmen on the left bank of Black River to the waterfall Huá on Channel Maturacá, from here another straight line up the hill Cupi and beyond the limit determined by the divorce of water (Divortium Aquorum) of the Orinoco basins Cassiquiare with the Amazon River, the boundary line passing through the mountains of La Haze, Tapira-sinned, and Parime Curupira. The Venezuela-Brazil border has an area about 1,500 kms. (See treaty of limits).

In reference to the internal national border Amazonas State Bolivar State, Territorial Act took Bolivar State, 1902:

"Cataniapo River from its mouth in the Orinoco, upstream to its source; continues a straight line until you find the Rising Sipapo River, then this river upstream to its source southernmost ¬ or southern, hence a line of varied directions that dilating the peaks that form the diversion of the waters that fall into rivers and Manapiare Ventuari through the top, lengthwise, of the Sierra Mato continues the high peaks of the Sierra Maigualida, passes Ventuari headers, continues by heights that determines the Divorta Aquarum of the Ventuari watersheds, and from a franc East River Headwaters Avarimuta, follows the same line that forms the boundary rugged of Venezuela to Brazil. "

By carefully studying the map of the states of Amazonas and Bolivar, we would conclude that this description of the boundaries should be modified, because it is consistent with the actual boundaries marked on maps between these two entities. Also have to change the names of some mountains and rivers that are different from today.

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