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History of municipio Maroa

maroaThe Engineer Surveyor E. Berchtold had on his shoulders the heavy responsibility to establish without appeal, the dividing line between the Venezuelan and Colombian sovereignty in this important waterway.

Once in San Jose, Guanía, on April 30, 1923, issuing a sentence that sets the border line between the courses of rivers and Guanía Atabapo, which reads as follows: "The second Section of the Swiss Commission for Experts "in execution of its judgment of May 29, 1922: view the arbitral award rendered by the Crown of Spain on March 16, 1891, having regard to the arbitral award rendered by the Swiss Federal Council on March 24, 1922. View the reports and documents produced by Venezuela and Colombia on the differences arising on the line of the border between the two states and Guanía Atabapo course. Having regard to the pleadings and documents submitted by the Venezuelan and Colombian delegations in the aftermath of the partition. After performing in the field survey work in the region at issue, for these reasons, decides: that the border of Venezuela and Colombia, with respect to the region of Yavita-Pimichin, during Atabapo back to the point of junction of this river with the parallel passing 36 Km North of Yavita, continues along that parallel to the meridian of Yavita, straight reaches the parallel of Pimichin, 36 km west of this village Al, hence follows by the meridian of this point to stop at Guanía and passes away by the bed of the river to the stone Cocuy. Solved and San Jose (Guanía), the April 30, 1923, implemented in three (3) originals in San Fernando de Atabapo on December 27, 1923. It should be noted that the town of Maroa was founded in 1941...








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