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History of Alto Orinoco

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Alto OrinocoDissolving the Spanish Boundary Commission by Royal Order in 1760, Iturriaga and Solano returned to Spain and made to the Court a number of approaches to ensure mastery Spanish possessions in the Orinoco and the Black River. Of these approaches emerged the actual decision to create paths Commandery. On 17 March 1767, Diez de la Fuente (Lieutenant of Solano) above the Esmeralda accompanied by sixty Spanish and Wadena and Wasaha caciques, who lead a group of 3,000 indigenous ethnicities: Maquiritare, Wuainabis, Catarapenas and Macos . And with those 3000 people restarts Esmeralda development, the Capuchin Fathers merge with Mission San Francisco de la Esmeralda and build a church in the town, a strong house of stone, one hundred European-type houses and 20 Ettes (churuatas Maquiritares ).

The town of La Esmeralda is renamed St. Francis of Assisi that day, March 17, 1767. in the river Padamo, Diez de la Fuente and Wadena, with religious Capuchins, founded in 1769, Mission San Felix Peoples bass Padamo and Santa Gertrudis the High Moor, as cocoa collection centers that collect in the cacao wild Padamo.

In 1772, the Capuchin Missionaries Orinoco region - Amazonas, in order of Centurion are relieved by Franciscan missionaries who were called Observant Missionaries. Also in 1772, the chief Wadena complete a series of buildings at 28 sites of camp in terrestrial path - Maquiritares river that knew each La Esmeralda and Angostura Iguape utilizing Rivers, Padamo, Ventuari Erebato, and Caura, with other rivers minor land sections.

With this new communication mixed route of only 800 km, was linked in these two populations reliably than 1600 km distance only When used via the Orinoco. The presence Yanomami much later, dating from the beginning of this century, so it is not surprising that temporarily preeminence Maquiritares maintained within a very fluid cultural process, where the largest number of the Yanomami purposefully or Guaicas will balance more appropriately the presence of the two ethnic groups in the exercise of municipal power.

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