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History of Atabapo

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Atabapo1On 22 February 1753, coming from Spain the Real Issue of limits, known as The Expedition of Solano, issued by King Ferdinand VI. In the year of 1758 founded the town of San Fernando de Atabapo in honor of himself. This very picturesque site formed by the confluence of the rivers Orinoco and Guaviare Atabapo.

It is a village seat Guaypuinavi Indians, who had already had contact with the Portuguese conquerors, coming from Amazon - Black River, via the Arm Cassiquiare. The expedition leader Don José Iturriaga Settles with Curuzú Cacique (cruise), owner of the place, to use as a base of operations of the expedition. In honor of the King of Spain Ferdinand VI, puts the name of San Fernando Atabapo River.

The July 18, 1822, promulgating the Constitution in San Fernando de Atabapo and ten (10) days, establishing the first municipality in the Canton of Black River. In 1856, the territory constitutes "Amazonas province" with its capital in San Fernando de Atabapo, under the command of José Tadeo Monagas. Between 1880 and 1881, divided the T. Guzman Blanco F. Amazon in two: T. F. Upper Orinoco with its capital in San Fernando de Atabapo and T. F. Amazon Maroa its capital.

The October 23, 1893, Joaquín Crespo set back the union of the two (2) territories into one: The Amazonas Federal Territory, with its capital in San Fernando de Atabapo, a situation that lasted until 1928 when the capital is transferred to Puerto Ayacucho (Signi, 1988:41).

In the year 1908 comes to San Fernando de Atabapo, Colonel Jose Tomas Funes from Río Chico, Miranda State currently, he took power through a coup, overthrowing Roberto Pulido and giving death on 8 March 1913. then he dies shot by Arévalo Cedeño on January 30 1921. His term was marked for being the longest and bloodiest dictatorship known in Amazonas.

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