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History of Municipio Atures

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Venezuela's contemporary history and in its assets narrates the sequences of an epic nationalistic subject was to build the road of  Morganito, a stretch to save the 65 km, where Maipures Unleashed Atures and interrupt navigation Orinoco river.

Puerto Ayacucho, is the gateway to the capital of the Venezuelan Amazon and Atures Municipality. Founded officially on December 9, 1924 by the famous engineer Santiago Aguerrevere, under the leadership of President Juan Vicente Gomez, who was the top contributor to start executing the construction, by hiring such an important and strategic work viz. Atures original name of the first inhabitants settled in the Municipality. Today the rapids are named more or faster wider world. Which are ideal for rafting (rafting)

The absolute decline and impoverishment of the urban axis Atabapo-Guanía-Black River, by the continuing crisis of the rubber economy that made ​​it unnecessary to maintain regional political center located in San Fernando de Atabapo (former capital of Amazonas), prone to revolutionary insurgencies, as twice the starring Gen. Emilio Arevalo Cedeño, so move the capital imposed the small town of Atures, former home missionary.

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