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The Suckers

lago leopoldo 058These are people specialized in healing victims of "Mawari", it says that a person is possessed by the Mawari when for some reason eats a fish stew poorly sewn - lack of sufficient heating.

This guy to go to bathe in the river, as well as the reasons single site or place to do it because in this area lacks pipes where the aqueduct has not yet arrived, the water is discarded contaminated by the effect of the native Mawari called "the Mawari Flechazo" that fail to enchant but introduces you to any part of the body a particular animal, insect, pieces of bones, stones etc. What she produces great pain in the housing, which is impossible to cure by any medicine.

The victim has to go in search of a "Sucker", who by means of sucking and pacifiers, removes the body the object causing the sturdy pains. sometimes these pacifiers have no effect to get the bad. Then the family members who care for the victim soak different kinds of leaves and herbs, with the juice or menjurgue bathe the patient the next day.

Women are conducive to being prey Mawari when besides the foregoing reasons, I decline menstruation and eat one of the fish banned for these days, such as: bully striped Cajaro, or other thick-skinned fish or large size.

As such it is very dangerous to eat a piece of cassava sunny because, according to belief charred by lightning die, is both the belief that doing so immediately starts flashing and a storm arises.








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