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The Charms

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casiquiareIt is credited and related to the dolphins (freshwater dolphin) with love, because they believe that they stand on land and with there love to their offspring, they produce sounds like the cry of a child, this is said to become women for charm. This is a long process that happens when someone fishing in a pond or river whose owner is the Mawari. On one occasion a man who lived by hunting and fishing, only living in the back country, left his home at six o'clock, in a canoe here called canoe and food takes one piece of roast. At about one p.m. eat his sufficiency resolved without heat, began to devour. This guy was in love and mind away is not the image of his fiancée. It happens that out of the lagoon to the river that followed saw hundreds of dolphins. The man arrived at the site where he had fixed his residence and he started jumping dolphins near his canoe. The next day I present well-dressed bride; amazed our man questioned: how did you come so far? She told him in a boat that was in the harbor below.

And he without giving much importance to the boat, went with her to the port on a path that connects the house to the river and along the way they made love, loving the end of his delivery, she immediately threw black river and disappeared, which originated the enchantment to all fullness, which exclusively allowed to see his girlfriend, but not the others who lived in the place.

As you wake up the next day, he left his job he used fishing, his wife as his mother did not notice anything abnormal, hallucinations he saw only the return of the lagoon, favorite place to perform their tasks; saw the middle of the river played Ten bottlenose dolphins that used as an entertainment medium that is throwing an orange together; went. Bringing carefully in his canoe down to just two meters from where they were. One of them threw the orange that fell into the canoe, grabbed and ate segment by segment. The orange flavor was quite sweet, the sweetest of all that so far had eaten. That day came with the canoe almost ready to sink under the amount of fish that had gone very well, for such was the amount of fishing done I had to rest two weeks, the mother fell to escamar fish, while the old managed the product of fishing, he went to bathe. Five minutes later the mother noticed that the child did not come out, and immediately the alarm propagated.

Neighbors found that indeed the man had thrown into the river, since the banks were the same shirt and dirty pants. Some began tracking the place. Others went to notify the nearest authorities, who did not expect, in the meantime a curious relatives (witch) specializing in these conflicts, and the town they call "sacaca". She said the man was not dead, that he had taken the Mawari or TEMENDAGUI was charming city located on the bottom of the river and is the capital of the charms; ordered to leave the clothes in the same place. She was responsible to the authorities to achieve the appearance of the unfortunate man safe and sound, cost responsibility that threatened her into the dungeon for cheat and liar. The SACACA replied that there were no problems so adding that eight-day term would appear the guy down the road that lies behind the house but that provided that nobody put him ahead because then he would leave and not return never, should grab it from behind with great caution. He will have to get dressed in shirt and trousers again stored in the bottom of the suitcase.


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