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National Park Yapakana

parque nacional yapacanaSituated almost at the geographical center of the state of Amazonas, covering an area of ​​320,000 hts. flat land, savannahs, mountains, streams and hill semitepuy especially the Yaakana, whose highest point is 1,350 meters. s.n.m. The park would be limited by the Orinoco in the South and Southwest, Ventuari River North and River West Yagua and savannas. The Yagua receives several tributaries that are also born in the park, along with other rivers and streams, as Maraya, Moyo, Cucurital, Guanamé, Puruname, Yapakana.

Although statewide Amazon is very rich in gold ore, is the hill Yapakana which became famous because there are exploited with great success since I discovered the slingshot dealer Carlos Wendehake about the years 1922-1924. The reason for missing the vein, they said those familiar with the region, losing many of them several years to return to find the fabulous grain.

Many years later, about 1970, an operator of forest products found, he says that by chance, driving near the hill, on the banks of the river Yagua, very near the surface, without excavation, was the new field that was extended, at the news this site and others nearby were filled with miners of various nationalities, being decreed death by predators biological balance. It is expected that the creation of the National Park achieves save at least the bulk of the mountain and its water deposits.

You can get there browsing the Orinoco, but the gold rush miners has made numerous tracks for aircraft built in the savannas.

Very important would include in this park relatively near the Serrania del Parú or Asisa, but better still would be to create another national park here, before they reach the uncontrolled mining waves, since this beautiful region is very rich in gold and diamonds, strategic minerals as well as surveys made by Divisón CODESUR Mineralogy.








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