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The National Park Duida Marawaca

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duida1In the southwestern part of the state of Amazonas and Atabapo Township This is part of the Alto Orinoco Municipality are located Duida massif and the Serrania del Marawaka, united by a kind of great runner or better high semiplana depression. This park covers an area of ​​210,000 hts. Limited by the Orinoco to the South, West and North Cunucunuma, Padamo East. To the north is the hill-tepui Wachamakare with an elevation of 1,700 mts. asl, which should be integrated into this park because it is part of the same ecosystem.

Among the various elevations of the largest Marawaka has 2,900 mts. s.n.m.. As for three peaks or Duida elevations, most is 3,200 mts .. Referring to the area occupied by the plant Duida, it is 1,300 km ² and the Marahuaka or Marawaka is 1,240 km ². Both belong to the Guiana Shield, a geological formation whose age is estimated at about 1000 million years. A peculiarity of these tepuis in the area is that parts are crossed by narrow, deep crevices, up to about 50 meters. much depth. From its wildlife can imagine the vast number of species new to science, botanical pending entomologists, ichthyologists and biologists in general to identify them.

On the southern slope there Marawaka one of the most sacred sites maintained by Aboriginal is "Anakaka Cave" where a grass grows giant, with strong stems about 5 mts. high. Its interior is a smooth tube, without divisions, who use it to place it on the inside of the tube "mbi" of the blowpipe, where deadly darts glide. The Yekuana curata call.

According to McGuire Basset famous botanist identifies it as Amphiphyllum Marahuacaea. It is appropriate to recall that climbed McGuire W. accompanied Huachmacari Phelps and he himself climbed the Fog, where the highest peak was baptized with the name of scientific merit ornithologist William Phelps. McGuire also went up the Orinoco, remaining some time in the indigenous village of Platanal, (Magicoro-teri).

The author was able to visit in the company of Yekuanas and Yanomami (Shirihianas) the magical basin, which is naturally a huge sinkhole. The Yekuanas collected a few curata, as instructed by the shaman who accompanied us. In much of the tour of this sacred region for several days, mainly thunderstorms happening. Friends tour leaders explained to me that it was the god Wanadi showed us his distaste for our stay there. I thought that God has a bad temper, as thunder and lightning always accompanied us.

Marahuaka We can say that could not be climbed on foot. In the foreword of the book "Marahuaka" Dr. Anduze sage reminds us, "We can remember in 1969 Walter Bonatti and Edgar Gonzalez Child, who with 4 Waikas and 4 Makiritares, tried to reach the summit, reaching only up to a height about 1000 mts., to call Anakaka cave. They made another attempt and Gonzalez Child Bonatti three Waikas Makiritares-seven, in 1973, failing to reach the summit because the Pythons not grabbed in the sandstone walls, reaching up to 2000 meters. Approximately, where begins the cliff ".

This set of tepuis have for the native inhabitants of that region the importance of being the abode of their gods, so that we can consider it as the Olympus Makiritare or Yekuana. Among its many mythological stories highlighting the tree of life or the sacred tree, the Marahuaka.

Between the heights of this formidable mole born a few streams that wound to the bottom come off in great leaps. Among these stands out the Acudi that emerges from a height of a thousand meters, during the rainy season, but when hitting in the fall with two cliffs, lose continuity, so it was not possible to say which is greater than the Churun ​​Meru.

Al-Marahuaka Duida from Puerto Ayacucho is lelga, up the Orinoco to enter after the Cunucunuma north or the east Padamo, navigating it to its headwaters are in the very foothills of the massif. In La Esmeralda is a big clue in the savannah of Culebra (or Belen) a smaller one. Near the river falls to Padamo Kurujiaca that there is a small track Dewateña Site planes. Another resource easier to get to the top is with the use of the helicopter, since it has the advantage that the floor of the summit vegetation is sparse, but there is the danger of high winds and sometimes heavy fog.

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