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The Turtle and the Painted Stone

piedra tortugaThe turtle and the painted stone

Both monuments are Located approximately 16 kilometers from Puerto Ayacucho, heading south, municipality Tunas. Amazonas State. It consists of granite outcrops of magmatic origin, belonging to the mountains of Parhuaza. This monument has a high archaeological value, as it is considered sacred monument to some of the tribes in the region. Houses hieroglyphs, with the largest known petroglyph in the country, cave paintings, caves and cemeteries indigenous cultures testimony ancestors.

Arriving: Taking the road axis between Puerto Ayacucho with the population of Samariapo

Landmarks: In the Stone Turtle: Ataruipe cave hill, Cerro de los Muertos or Papelón hill, Turtle Lake, site becomes bird reservoir, the Orinoco River, several rocky outcrops. In the Piedra Pintada: galleries with paintings, variety of petroglyphs, Pintaita Stone, which has a large galley with countless paintings, indigenous cemeteries, small hills, formed of quartz.

Tourist Activities: Guided walks, outdoor recreation, scientific research, bird watching, eco-tourism.

Recommendations: Protect the flora and fauna. All trash generated must be deposited in bags and move to the starting point. Remove the flora, fauna and mineral material are activities not consonant with the main objective of this monument. Travels on the routes established by the Superintendent of the Monument. Respect the customs and traditions.

What to bring: Suitable clothing and footwear, binoculars, insect repellent cream, cap.

Area: 1,950 hectares

Decree N º 2,351, dated 06/05/92

Natural Region: Guiana Shield.

Temperature: 24 º C to 26 º C annually.

Rainfall: 2,234 mm annual average.

Vegetation: The main vegetation types are associated with the slabs or litofolias with pirófilas species abundance. The vegetation surrounding these outcrops is part of the tropical dry forest. Contains type savannah plains graminosas with chaparral and scrub sets of transition. In the upper slopes and depressions has outcrops, and develops dense vegetation abundance and coroba cucurito palms and endemic species that highlights the horn and 'venao, pirófita plant that grows on rocky outcrops . There are also spots morichales, riparian forests and galleries located on the banks of the river and the pipe Cataniapo Pintao.

Fauna: About 300 species of birds have been reported for these areas, including the cock of the rock, sabanerito of grasses, seed chirp, habado hawk, oripopo, woodpecker, blue swallow, hawk gives deer tile redfish. Mammals: sabanero fox, rabbits, armadillos. Snakes: mapanare, bell.

Hydrography Orinoco River Cataniapo, pipe Tigre.

Altimetry: From 100 to 400 meters above sea level.





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