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The Internationalization of Amazon

amazonas internationalNot every day a Latino, in this case a Brazilian, and gives you a good slap educadísima Americanos. During a debate at a U.S. university, the former governor of the Federal District and current Minister of Education of Brazil, CRISTOVÃO "CHICO" BUARQUE was asked what he thought about the internationalization of the Amazon. An American at the United Nations introduced the question, saying he hoped the response of a humanist, not a Brazilian.

This was the response of Mr. Cristovao Buarque:

"Actually, as a Brazilian, just speak against the internationalization of the Amazon. Much as our governments do not properly care for this heritage, it is ours. As a humanist, feeling the risk of environmental degradation suffered by the Amazon, I can imagine his internationalization, as well as everything else, which is of paramount importance for humanity.

If the Amazon, from a humanist ethics, should be internationalized, also internationalize the oil reserves in the world. The oil is so important to the welfare of humanity as the Amazon for our future. Despite that, the owners of stocks believed to have the right to increase or decrease the oil and raise or lower its price.

In the same way, the financial capital of the rich countries should be internationalized. If the Amazon is a reserve for all human beings should not be burned only by the will of an owner or a country. Burn the Amazon is as serious as the unemployment caused by the arbitrary decisions of global speculators. We can not allow financial reserves serve to burn entire countries in the luxury of speculation.

Also, before the Amazon, I would like to see the internationalization of the great museums of the world. The Louvre should not belong only to France. Every museum in the world is the guardian of the most beautiful pieces produced by human genius. You can not let this cultural heritage, natural heritage as Amazon, be manipulated and destroyed for the pleasure of an owner or a country. Not long ago, a Japanese millionaire decided to be buried along with him, a picture of a great teacher. Instead, that picture should have been internationalized.

During that meeting, the United Nations was doing the Millennium Forum, but some presidents had difficulties participating countries due to unpleasant situations arising on the U.S. border So I think that New York, as the seat of the United Nations, should be internationalized. At least Manhattan should belong to all mankind. In the same way that Paris, Venice, Rome, London, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia ... each city, with its specific beauty, world history, should belong to the whole world.

If the United States wants to internationalize the Amazon, to avoid running the risk of leaving it in the hands of Brazilians, Peruvians, Colombians, Ecuadorians, Bolivians, etc.., Internationalize all the nuclear arsenals. Just think that they already demonstrated that they are able to use these weapons, causing destruction thousands of times greater than the deplorable burnings done in the forests of our forest.

In their speeches, the current candidates for president of the United States have defended the idea of ​​internationalizing the world's forest reserves in exchange for debt. Let's start using that debt to ensure that every child in the world has the opportunity to eat and to go to school. Internationalize the children, treating them all regardless of their country of birth, as patrimony that deserves care worldwide.

Much more than the Amazon deserves. When leaders treat poor children of the world as World Heritage Site, will not allow them to work when they should be studying, die when they should live. As a humanist I accept to defend the internationalization of the world, but while the world treats me as a Brazilian, I will fight for the Amazonas it is ours. Only ours!

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