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What languages ​​are spoken in Amazonas?

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what languages are they talkingThe most spoken language in Amazonas is Portuguese, followed closely by the Spanish. On the Brazilian side of the Amazonas -Portuguese is spoken by at least 98% of the population, while in Spanish-speaking countries that can still find a large number of speakers of indigenous languages​​, although Spanish predominates easily. There are hundreds of indigenous languages ​​still spoken in the Amazon, most of which are spoken by only a handful of people, and thus seriously endangered. One of the most spoken languages ​​in the Amazon is the Nheengatu and Piaroa dialect, which is descended from the old Tupi language, originally spoken in the coastal regions and central Brazil. It was brought to its present location along the Black River by Brazilian settlers until the mid 17th century, used more than the official Tupi Portuguese to communicate. Modern Nheengatu addition, other languages ​​are spoken there Tupi family, along with other language families as JE (with its major sub-branch Jayapura spoken in the Xingu River region and othes), Arawak, Carib, Arawa, Yanomami, the Matses and others. French, Spanish and Portuguese are similar and derived from Latin.

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