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Fishing in Amazonas

amazon fishingThere are several options available to the fisherman in the Amazon you may want to consider. Our Tours offers wonderful scenery and water angler is never harsh. Those who choose to fish ponds can stay there all day, allowing to fish longer and with less transfers by boat. Also, we only offer virgin fishing waters...
It is expected to take over 25 peacock basses per day, which will be from 5 to 25 pounds! The "Pavón" under peacock in Spanish, is a cichlid, and there are many different species, in Amazon. The nigrolineatus Cichla or Royal Pavón, the average is about five pounds, and has a black uneven center line horizontally on both sides of the body that runs from the gills to the end of the dorsal fin. The orinocensis Cichla or butterfly averages about four pounds, is the most abundant: ocellates has three points that run along the lateral side.
And there is the Cichla temensis. Spotting or deer, Cinchado in Spanish, has a distinctive mottled patch directly behind the eyes. In addition, four horizontal lines of points on both sides that tend to disappear when the fish over 20 inches, approximately, then three black vertical width will appear on both sides. This is the biggest of them all reaching more than 25 pounds.
There are other fish that you will be able to achieve during your stay: The saber-tooth "Payara" a strong fighter and acrobatic jumps that can reach more than twenty pounds. "The Sardinatas" also called "the crazy jumping" are found in large groups. The "piranha" found day and night can the weight of one to three pounds. "Morocoto" is like a large sunfish that can reach more than forty pounds. Then there are the different types of catfish, or "Catfish", which some, like the "Lau Lau", can reach up to 400 pounds.








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