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Amazonas Ecotourism

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The southern region of Venezuela that is part of the famous tropical forest offers many options ecotourism fascinating for a trip with some friends like family. The state of Amazonas is the least populated of all Venezuela but is the most interesting both for its fauna & flora for its indigenous culture. The main town and state capital is Puerto Ayacucho by the river Orinoco.

This whole area has several options for ecotourism camps and excursions into the jungle and the Orinoco River to discover wildlife, flora and isolated populations. Among them are two Tours. The first, called Expedition Autana will enjoy the 3 rivers (Siapapo River, Orinoco River and river Autana) with all local wealth through a journey on a boat for 5 days. The second takes 12 days to take them in the National Park and the river Duida Cununuma among others to discover the ecosystem and interact with the local community who will receive a very warm.

Another interesting tour is the 4 day Amazon Adventure The Cuao Expedition 7 days. All tours include shuttle service to the airport of Puerto Ayacucho for travelers.

The Amazonas state has several natural parks all with dense vegetation and unique in the world for some species. Tapirapeco Parime National Park is the largest in Venezuela and 5 the global range. It shares borders with Brazil and protects a part of the Yanomami tribe. Another attraction of the state of Amazonas is the Serrania La Neblina National Park located south west of the first mentioned. There's the La Neblina Peak one of the highest places in South America after the Andes with about 3000m of altitude.

Also in this part of the Amazon forest will find effects of nature as the site of the Turtle Stone, a stone in the middle of the jungle time work seems a giant turtle. Finally if you are looking for an original departure in this part of Venezuela is the Tour de Amazonas Travel excursions proposed Diaz 7 and 8 in 4 × 4 with guides and complete camping equipment. You will not regret any of the two tours offered that will leave lasting memories.

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