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Carnival in Venezuela

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One of the most popular holidays of Venezuela is Carnival. Days filled depapelillos, disguises, surprises and games. In all the States of the country, children, young people and adults, celebrate and enjoy to the sound of traditional music. Each region has its special way of celebrating Carnival. Know a pococomo is made in each area. In the Eastern States the so-called Easter amusement, events are traditional between the time of Christmas and Carnival, dondeconfluyen manifestations, theatrical, musical and choreographic. The international Carnival of Carupano, in the State is famous Sucre, because its tradition, eye candy and tourist attraction. In Zulia, the fantoches ylos old folks make up the traditional costume parade; in Trujillo, Munecade the timetable is the dance in which the more diverse characters ycuriosos make appearance. Mérida organize dates shrovetide the famous fair of the Sun; instate Carabobo, on Shrove Tuesday vibrates with amusements such as: the donkey, the hammock, the Cayman and the Scorpion. One of the most popular Carnival of Venezuela, held in El Callao, Bolívar State. In this territory, the first native inhabitants of the British and French West Indies, left its primitive rhythms of Kalinda and first calipsos, genres that even the troupes come from carrozasmonumentales and collective dances in which the Madams, Devils ymediopintos, placed the sustained the hullabaloo and the colorful note.

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