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The Humboldt Expedition

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humboldt expeditionThis program is a fascinating and long expedition through the Amazonas, where the visitor follows the route taken by the famous German naturalist Alexander Von Humboldt in the early 1800 hundred. This scientist spent 16 months exploring the wildlife, vegetation and the ethnic groups that inhabited the region, and still inhabits the aera. This trip to the visitor enters the Casiquiare arm, the most important part of the exploration of Humboldt. The name of this famous Explorer is always associated with the name of the Casiquiare. This River is a hydrological phenomenon, a natural channel that acts as a spillway of the Orinoco and takes part of its flow to the South to form the Negro River, and this in turn empties into the great Amazon River. The Casiquiare connects the two of South America's largest river basins: the Amazon basin and the Orinoco basin. This program will take the traveler to a beautiful town called Culebra where live a Yekwana ethnic community, and to the mouth of the Cunucunuma River to the Orinoco River. You will also visit the town of Emerald and overnight in hammocks with mosquito nets, local indigenous guides.

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