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bird watchingBirdwatching in Amazonas in Venezuela -exciting and gradually bird watchers around the world are discovering the Amazonas State in Venezuela, offers insights birding world-class, especially in Junglaven Ventuari camp on the river. To date Junglaven has a list of 420 species and more being added each season. However, for those traveling on a tight budget, you may see many specialties of Amazon around the capital city of Puerto Ayacucho. The stay at Camp Orinoco (on the banks of the Orinoco River between Atures and Maipures) will give birders the opportunity to see the Green-tailed Jacamar, Amazon and Guiana umbrella Cock of the Rock, not to mention Climber long beak and a variety of birds nests.

A day went by way of Hawk offers an opportunity to find Cinereous Partridge, Great Yellow-headed Vulture, Black-spotted Barbet, many bands, Green and Ivory-billed aracaris, Yellow-ridged toucan and Red-peak, Spangled Cotinga, Olive Oriole, Opal-rumped tanagers and yellow backed.

As if these two areas were not enough, there is also the Provincial Lagoon only 15 minutes north of Puerto Ayacucho. For bird watchers visit the state of Amazonas, is a great opportunity to increase their life lists.

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