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cauchoUnder the heading of rubber and rubber product knew Trees in the genus Hevea, family Euphorbiaceae, of the genera best known are H. Minor, H bentamiana, H. Rigidifolia, and in the most remote places of the Guianas find the H. Giannensis and H. Luteal.

On this important plant product have written many publications and treaties, performing comprehensive studies on wild and cultivated rubber, yield and quality of different species by month, climate, physical environment and to the methods used in collecting .

The collection in the natural rubber plantations is more difficult than those of the rubber plantations where plants are technically estradas planted in rows or in selected sites according to soil conditions the plant requires. Uncommon in our Amazon where there is no natural rubber, even isolated trees along the Orinoco, Ventuari, Arm Cassiquiare Siapa Black River, there are areas where it is most concentrated in microclimates that favor. Today the immense natural rubber plantations are lost without being exploited, even imported thousands of metric tons of natural rubber annually, not counting the heavy import of synthetic rubber and other products. They have lost many years to make grand plans prepared by Mr. Alfredo Lezama for CODESUR, losing also expensive studies and experiments with rubber imported seeds carefully selected.

The rubber is perhaps the main product of the Amazon rainforest. There are several plant species capable of producing the rubber band and their exploitation has been of great economic importance to the region (Hevea benthamiana, H. Minor, H. rigidifolia). At present the vast rubber plantations of the Amazon are lost without being exploited, even imported thousands of tons of natural rubber annually, and to close billion bolivars, excluding imports of synthetic rubber and other products.

If we were to produce our natural rubber plantations in one tenth of the product being imported, could win an important battle for development. Simultaneously you can go sowing, growing more technical and streamlining to enhance and improve the quality of future productions, which would be of great economic performance. Many years have been lost in hesitation to perform the magnificent project developed by CODESUR, losing also expensive studies and experiments with imported seeds, carefully selected rubber. The most important project is due to Mr. Alfredo Lezama.

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